Jot Touch

Explore the new Jot Touch. A novel stylus that can be used with all capacitive touch screens. Great for the iPad, iPhone, the Asus Transformer, the Galaxy Tab and many more.

In contrast to many other styli, the Jot is made with aluminum, which ensures its high quality and elegance. The minute you hold one, you will know that this is the stylus for you.

Jot Touch


Hold the Jot based on your preference. You can write with it the way you are used to writing with a pen.


Simply charge the Jot Touch by plugging it into the USB charger on your device.


A new sound dampening tip allows for an even better handling. It simulates the feeling of writing with a pen on paper.


We recommend the following apps from the AppStore or Android Market. This is just a selection the Jot basically works with any application.


Take notes, draw by hand, label photos or share your ideas immediately – in the office or on the go.

Handwriting is happiness! Notability continues to provide the tools to capture ideas and information at work or anywhere.
FreenoteFree Note

Outstanding app for notes that can be used with both the pen and the keyboard. You can simply note everything.
MobisleNotesMobisle Notes

MobisleNotes is a simple memo pad for as-you-go notes or lists.