We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Jot. If your question is not answered here, or if you would like further information, feel free to send us a message. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Which apps can be used with the Jots?

The Jot and Jot Pro are meant to be a professional alternative to using your fingers; it can be used with any app. For instance, the Jot and Jot Pro can be used to operate the iPad’s virtual keyboard like we often do. The digital pen shows its strengths especially in cases where you need sensitivity and precise movements as, for instance, with handwritten notes or drawing and sketching.

Are the Jot and Jot Pro compatible with my device?

In general, you can use the Jot and the Jot Pro with capacitive touch screens. We have successfully tested their compatibility with the following devices. Your device is not on the list? Please let us know if it works.

Device Compatible?
Apple iPad 1, 2 & 3 Yes
Apple iPhone 3, 4, 4S Yes
Samsung Galaxy S II Yes
Samsung Galaxy Tab Yes
Medion Lifetab Yes

Are there any screen protectors that could cause problems?

Both the Jot and Jot Pro generally work even when you use a screen protector on your display. Unfortunately, there are some screen protectors that limit the functionality of the styluses. This is often due to the surface and properties of the films. The concerning screen protectors are listed as follows:

  • Zagg Glossy Invisible Shield. Whereas Smudge-Proof Invisible Shield works.
  • Ghost Armor
  • Bodyguardz
  • Skinomi
  • Wrapsol

If you are using one of these products, it is advisable to switch to a different screen protector prior to using the Jot so that none of its functionality is lost. It is recommended to either clean the surface of the display or use a screen protector to prevent scratches.

What about occasional response issues?

In case you notice that your Jot does not seem to respond, e.g. when drawing a longer line, you can try the following.

  1. remove the disc from the Jot.
  2. fold a piece of aluminum foil once or twice.
  3. place the folded aluminum piece between the disc and the Jot.
  4. put them back together so the aluminum piece sticks in the joint.
  5. remove the rest of aluminum foil.

After this the touch response should be much better. If not, try to repeat the process and test whether it got any better.

Can you provide replacement discs or caps?

If you have lost the cap or the disc from the tip of the pen, you can order a replacement in our online shop. You can find all the accessories here.

When will I receive my order?

If your order is received by 4 p.m., it will generally go out the next business day. Once the postal service receives the package, delivery may take an additional 2 to 5 days within Europe and an additional 3 to 6 days outside of Europe. Keeping those delivery times in mind, please allow for an additional day or 2. Once we receive an order we will commission it as soon as possible.

How are shipping costs calculated?

We choose the most inexpensive shipping method which includes delivery confirmation and guarantees your Jot’s safe arrival at your doorstep: certified mail. If you can find a less expensive shipping method, we will be happy to accommodate you.

Can I pick up the Jot and save on shipping costs?

Yes, you are welcome to pick up your chosen Jot and, therefore, forego shipping costs. Please send us a short message so that we can ensure that the model is in stock. We will then also give you the exact address.