Review: tests the new Jot Pro V2

Felix from just tested the new version of the Jot Pro, the V2. In his entertaining review, he writes about his experience with the digital stylus from Adonit.

Felix notes that for many tablet users, a digital stylus has become one of the must-haves. He, however, has not been a fan until now. After trying several different digital styli, it was now the Jot Pro V2´s turn. And to our excitement, Felix was sold!

As many of you know by now, the Jot Pro V2 has a dampening tip. This suppresses the sound the tip makes when coming in contact with the touch screen, thereby getting rid of some of that clicking noise we got used to with the first version of the Jot Pro. The Jot Pro V2 also has a smaller clear writing disc. Felix also likes that the Jot Pro V2 is magnetized and will even stick to the iPad’s SmartCover.

Felix makes an interesting comparison between the Jot Pro V2 and a pencil. He also tested two apps, which he describes in more detail in his review. To read more about all of that, go visit his blog at

You can find the review here.