Review: tests the Jot Pro

Sascha Metz from has just released an interesting review of the Jot Pro under the title “Jot Pro – A Stylus With High Precision.” As the title reveals, Mister Metz was impressed with the level of precision that can be achieved when using the Jot Pro. Unlike other styli, the Jot Pro does not have an unprecise rubber tip. Instead it has a thin, clear writing disc and a small metal tip. This allows for flawless writing when using the keyboard or by hand, as well as exact drawing and sketching.

The nice handling of the stylus is also mentioned in the review. The Jot Pro is made with aluminum which makes it very light. Sascha Metz mentions that the stylus is comfortable to hold. He also notes the rubber grip of the stylus. In addition, the Jot Pro can be attached to the iPad like a magnet which makes it easily accessible.

Of course, we cannot forget about the other styli in the range of Adonit products. For example, the Jot Mini is somewhat smaller and, therefore, more compact than the Jot Pro. An even higher level of precision can be attained with the Jot Mini. Depending on personal taste, one can order the Jots in different colors. There is something for everyone whether it is the Jot Classic, Jot Pro, Jot Flip, or Jot Mini.

You can find the review here.