Review: tests the Jot Pro

Mr. Kampling from recently tested the Jot Pro for us. As in previous reviews, the precision tip was one of the things about the Jot Pro that Mr. Kampling noticed right away. The tip consists of a clear plastic disc and a small metal tip. This allows the user to always know where exactly the stylus is touching the screen. No more guessing games as with other styli.

Furthermore, Mr. Kampling writes briefly about the pen’s quality as well as its handling. What’s really interesting about this review is that the author examines the different uses of the Jot Pro. For example, he mentions that he is not good at drawing, however, he has discovered that the Jot Pro is great for photo editing. He points out that the Jot Pro should mostly be used for precision work.

The review from entails several quality photos that allow the reader to get a good idea of what the Jot Pro really looks like and how it touches down on the display. If you have ever held a Jot Pro, you know that you have acquired a quality product. Even the biggest critic will soon be convinced of the Jot Pro.

You can read the review here.