Review: presents the Jot Pro

Jens Kröger of blog4it has taken a closer look at the Jot Pro and written a detailed review that includes a You Tube video. Despite being very skeptical initially, the Jot Pro convinced Mr. Kröger in no time. The Jot Pro gets a very positive review that starts with the packaging and ends with the quality of the stylus.

Again, in this review, the focus is put on the unique tip of the Jot Pro, which allows for its precision. The handling of the stylus as well as the ability to hold it from lots of different angles receive some very positive remarks. If you are not interested in reading the full review, you can scroll to the bottom and watch the video.

Here, we would like to point out that the Jot Mini mentioned that was mentioned by Mr. Kröger is now available in our Shop. As the name suggests, this stylus is somewhat more compact than the Jot Classic and Jot Pro. It is even more precise and has a clip, which allows the stylus to be attached to your pants pocket, for example.

You can read the article and watch the video (towards the bottom of the page) here. The video can also be watched directly on You Tube.