The New Jot Touch 4

The wait is finally over! On May 1, 2013, Adonit started to ship the new Jot Touch 4. We think the biggest innovation with this model has to be the palm rejection. Now you can rest your hand on the touch screen while you work with the stylus. The only marks that will appear on the screen are the ones made with the Jot Touch 4, not your hand.

The new Jot Touch 4 is also pressure sensitive, which means it will adjust the widths of your lines based on how much pressure the user applies to the stylus. In addition, the Jot Touch 4 can be used with Bluetooth 4 enabled devices. When paired with a Bluetooth 4 device, the battery of the stylus can last up to one month. Once the battery runs out of power, simply charge the stylus via USB. It’s as easy as that!

We will have the new Jot Touch 4 in our Shop by mid May.

You can watch Adonit’s video for the new Jot Touch 4 here.