Adonit’s New Create Campaign

Adonit has just introduced its Create Campaign. With this new campaign, Adonit wants to show you what you can really do with a Jot and a tablet. The campaign highlights people who have increased their own productivity and creativity by using a Jot. People like you and me use the Jots in all kinds of ways. For example, the video shows some young people creating designs with their Jot and their tablet; Or a student taking notes in the library on her tablet using the Jot.

Adonit’s blog is also worth a look. There you can see some pretty impressive and inspiring drawings that people have made using their Jot and a tablet. If you’d like to see more of those pictures, check out Adonit’s Facebook page.

The Create Campaign is not only about artists and designers though. Adonit believes that creating is part of our nature. Everyone is an artist. We start drawing with crayons when we are little. Then, as we grow, so do our tools. Therefore, the Jots are the newest invention that help you use your tablet to its full potential. You are the artist, no matter how you use your Jot!

To see the video, follow this link.