The Jot Pro is as precise as a pencil. The thin an clear disc gives you the precision you would expect from a digital pen.


Just grab the Jot Pro how you like it. You can write with it like you would with a normal pen thanks to a flexible writing angle.


The Jot Pro is made of stable aluminum and a soft rubber grip garanties that extra command and comfort. The protective cap protects the precision disc and sits on the back when the Jot is being used.

Presenting the Jot

Discover the Jot now. It is a brand new stylus for every capacitive touchscreen. It is perfectly suitable for the iPad, the iPhone, the Asus Transformer, the Galaxy Tab and a variety of other devices as well.

Compared to other pens the Jot is made of aluminum resulting in a premium and elegant look. Once you have hold it in your hand you sure don’t want to go back to another stylus .

You can choose from a variety of colors and with red, green, violet, silver or gun metal sure enough you will find just what you like.


The New Jot Touch 4

The wait is finally over! On May 1, 2013, Adonit started to ship the new Jot Touch 4. We think the biggest innovation with this model has to be the palm rejection. Now you can rest your hand on the touch screen while you work with the stylus. The only marks that will appear on [...]

Review: AppGemeinde tests the new Writer+

Tobi from AppGemeinde tested the new Writer+ keyboard for the iPad. He starts his review by giving a nice overview of the keyboard and then delves into retelling his experience with it. This review is very informative especially for people who might be interested in the Writer+ but do not know a lot about it [...]